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Three-Phase Thermal Protector

Product Name: Three-Phase Thermal Protector
Category: Thermal Protector


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Model NO.: ABR19-S7 
Productivity:? 100, 000 PCS/Month

Working Principle: 
Normally closed contact system, which is operated by a snap action of bimetal disc, is sensitive to both temperature and current. When properly applied, protector shuts off the motor when temperature exceeds maximum safe level due to an overload or stalled (locked rotor) condition. The greater the work current of motor is, the shorter time the cutting off power needs. 
Using Range:?
The product?is widely applied to overheating and overload protection in Motor, Fans, Submersible Pump, Various Pumps, Agricultural Equipment, Air Compressor and Appliances etc. 
Electrical Ratings: AC380V -----1A~30A 
Circuit Control Mode: NC/NO (Automatic Resetting) 
Rated Action Temperature: 60oC---140oC (Designed by user's requirements) 
Open Tolerance: �� 4oC, �� oC
Open & Close Tolerance: 15oC-60oC
Close Tolerance: �� 8oC, �� 10oC
Action Cycle: No less than 10, 000 times 
Normal Electric Strength: Not Broken within 2000V / 1 minute, No flash. 
Normal Isolated Resistance: >100M �� 
Calibration: 25o
105% of Rated Current: Hold, >2 hours No-Trip 
200% of Rated Current: Within 2 minute Trip 
600% of Rated Current: 5~15 Seconds Trip

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